I’m Rickard. During the days I work as a project manager at a small digital agency in Oslo. On this site you’ll find things that either interests me or help me in some capacity – mostly in spaces like productivity, web development, and business.


What can you expect to find here?


Since 2013 I’ve been building websites, mostly with WordPress. I share a bit of that journey here on the site.


Business and authentic leadership is something that I care about. When I find interesting ideas, I share them here.


Get to the bottom with what you find meaningful and productivity will follow. And you will enjoy work as never before.

About me

My philosophy

Systems and processes will make or break your success. Whether it is about building a business, developing better habits, build up your personal finance, or mastering any new skill, your success will depend on whether you can establish systems that you use patiently over time.

As a project manager, processes that work inside strong systems are the way to make work run smoother. Even if you can’t automate everything, you can set up frameworks to work with – which can make things semi-automated.