No-Hassle Website Care Plan

Your website can be a well-oiled machine. Let us take care of Support, Service & Maintenance.

Taking care of your website comes down to two things:

Managing the content and keeping it up-to-date.

Maintaining the software, keeping the site secure, and making backups and other important (but boring) stuff.

Once your site is launched it will be all right, for a while. However, if you don't take care of both aspects we mentioned above, your site will slowly become obsolete.

Taking care of the front-end of the site is usually the easy part. You just must find time to create content and do a revision of the site occasionally.

Keeping the software up to date, making regular backups, and taking measurements to increase security is not what most people think of when they establish their new website. However, it is important, make no mistake about that.

Website security is so important that Google lower the rankings for websites that doesn’t have an SSL certificate on their website (with our services you get SSL included at no extra charge).

In the No Hassle Plan, you can enjoy having a site performing on top. You get web hosting included, and managed for you. We make daily backups to ensure you get your site back online in case something would go wrong.

Add to that daily virus scans, security setups and ongoing software maintenance and updates, and you can see we get all the complicated, technical stuff out of your way.

All you need to do is running your business, and making some changes to your content whenever you want.

Here are some details

Never worry about web hosting again

Your new website may look good, and it may be built with top class performance in mind. But it also needs a good, comfortable home that helps it reach its potential.

Web hosting can be a hassle, either it is too expensive or too useless to get any joy out of it.

However, you do not have to worry about it anymore. We include great web hosting, and as a bonus, we manage it for you.

We take care of the boring stuff; you can focus on the fun

You have a business to run, so you probably don’t want to dig around all the tech stuff on your site – we do that for you. The point with the No Hassle Plan is that you should not have to worry about whether your site runs on the latest software updates if the site is backed up, and so on.

Focus on doing the stuff that makes a difference in your business, and make your website stand out on the front-end. That is what you have time for as we do the boring stuff behind the scenes.

Technical Support for hosting and website

Search engines are great, but if you do not want to search around online and hope that you find what you are looking for, our technical support will be there for you when you need us the most.

Stop wasting valuable hours searching for answers online, just give us a note, and we will help you out – whether it is regarding managing your website or the web hosting.

As we manage the hosting and every technical aspect of your site, you will get support directly from the people who knows the systems best.

Daily backups keep you safe

Never go too long without making a backup of your site. Thing scan happen with your website, even if you never touch it or make any changes to the content. If your site crashes, you need a backup of it to get it up and running again. The newer the backup, the better, because software may update, or you may have changed they content.

We make daily backups of your site, and we keep them in an offsite storage which keeps them secure even if the server crash and burns.

SSL certificate included

Even a small website can be vulnerable, and a hacker may use your personal information and business information to whatever he pleases.

We set up an SSL certificate on your site to enhance the security around your website.

SSL certificates are will soon be considered as web standard for any website.

Weekly software updates

One thing that isn’t hard to do, but easy to forget is to update the software on your WordPress website. Plugins and core functionality are regularly updated to improve usability, make the site run smoother, and keeping loopholes out of the way.

Once a week we make a check on your site, to see if there are software that needs to be updated, and perform the updates for you.

To make sure the updates function properly, we test the updates on a staging site(demo-site) so that the site your visitors sees won’t go down if an update goes wrong.

With the No-Hassle Plan we deal with all the technical hassle that comes with a website, so that you can focus on doing the fun stuff, like attracting visitors and potential buyers to your site.

Pricing is customized to your particular use-case, and starts at only 1500,- NOK per month.

Ready to get Started? Let us manage your site.