Font Awesome alternatives for icons

Icons is a common ingredient of a website. And Font Awesome is the well-known, established leader in the field. But sometimes you want to differentiate your website with some less common icons and graphics.

Here are a few places you can take a peek at.


Some days you just happen to stumble over good resources. Recently I found Iconic, which is an icon library you can use for free in both personal and commercial projects.

It’s not a huge library like Font Awesome, but you get 200 free icons, and there are 250 additional icons you can get with a pro license.

The Noun Project

On The Noun Project, you can find over 3 million icons in different varieties. The upside of this is the amount of icons.

There are plenty of icon sets available, where you can find icons that play nice together, even though many of the sets are pretty limited.

This is usually the downside with any free resource – it can be difficult to find the perfect icons for your project.


Similar to The Noun Project, Iconmonstr is a library of icons from different people. But where The Noun Project has several sets available, you usually pick and choose icons individually on Iconmonstr. That can make it pretty hard to find icons that work nicely together.

Streamline Icons

Streamline icons is a premium resource where you get several icon and illustration sets on a subscription basis.

If you are ready to pay for icons and illustrations, this is a great place. New sets of icons are added regularly, and new icons are added to the sets themselves on a regular basis.

Great icons are the cherry on the pie

Good icons and illustrations can really add to the experience of a website. Don’t be afraid to buy premium resources if your website will benefit from them. The free resources may be good enough, and in that case, it’s great.

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